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Shraddha Ranjit fashion and portrait

Fashion and Portrait Photographer In Bangalore

Fashion Portrait Photography adds value to your fashion profile and identity. A professional portrait photographer knows how to communicate your individualistic persona. For fashion photography, we take inspiration from the latest trends making sure your fashion portfolio stands out from the crowd. Kushagra Sinha has worked alongside many fashion and lifestyle influencers for over many years and is well-versed in this field of photography. While he is often involved in different projects, his expertise lies specifically in fashion and portrait photography. 


Traditional Pre-wedding photoshoot

A wedding is one of the most auspicious moments of anybody’s life. They hold precious memories of not just you and your better half bonding together but also your families coming together. Pre-wedding shoots are the perfect way to capture the moments leading to your astounding wedding. Kushagra Sinha has been a part of many couples’ pre-wedding and wedding shoots and made their candid moments last a lifetime with his photographs. These pre-wedding shoots can be done anywhere depending upon the couple, but we also have a pre-wedding studio where we provide different services. 


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Digital Cinematography

In the age and era of videos, digital cinematography finds its way to every platform and in most aspects of life. From capturing your dog running across your home to your wedding video, to Instagram reels; digital cinematography is everywhere. But just capturing the right videos at the right angles and just merging them is neither enough nor its digital cinematography. It has various steps; the aesthetics of digital cinematography is just one aspect of it. Digital cinematographers are well versed in theories of photography and movie making. Our cinematographer, Kushagra Sinha, has worked with different clients. 


Beauty shoots

Beauty photoshoots are not just meant for a model’s fashion portfolio but also cater to influencers and individuals who want to express themselves through beauty shoots. Beauty shoots are not just photoshoots that highlight the beautiful aspects of an individual but also express their identity and ideas/ideals. Beauty shoots are a great way to tell a story. These beauty shoots are generally photographed according to the client’s concept. Kushagra Sinha has worked alongside many models and influencers and knows how to bring the right aesthetics to their concepts.


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High end retouching 2.jpeg

High end retouching

Any good photograph can be made great with the right retouching. Whether it is fashion and portrait photography, pre-wedding or wedding photography, or any other type of photography; they all need retouching. Kushagra Sinha does professional high end retouching and offers his services in all types of high end retouching ranging from fashion to even high end products retouching. Different types of photographs need different types of retouching. A high end product retouching would involve color-grading, highlights, and shadows; while a fashion retouching would involve, color grading, skin, hair, and make-up retouching. 



What Clients Say

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Swadha Shah - Designer                                                                                                                              

 I know a very hard-working and determined photographer. Yes he is a very good friend of mine. Actually we met via mutual friends. One of my college friend's friend suggested him as a photographer for my fashion garment shoots. I have no words the compatibility and comfort his team provided me and apart from that he is very experimental and that's the interesting part. I have my bestest shoot with him. His talent and skills added more grace to my work. I personally will always recommend him. Apart from this he is a very good videographer as well.

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• Worked for H&M, Forever Mark, Reebok, Aldo, Nike etc.

• Worked with many actresses, models and influencers

• Interview got published in Bangalore insider magazine ( bangaloreinsider )

• Featured in the 2019 Calendar for best portrait and fashion photographer of state

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