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Digital Cinematography


In the age and era of videos, digital cinematography finds its way to every platform and in most aspects of life. From capturing your dog running across your home to your wedding video, to Instagram reels; digital cinematography is everywhere. But just capturing the right videos at the right angles and merging just them is neither enough nor its digital cinematography. It has various steps and requires knowledge about compositions, color theory, color grading, story-boarding to even script writing. The aesthetics of digital cinematography is just one aspect of it. Digital cinematographers are well versed in theories of photography and movie making. It is quite obvious that a great photographer who understands the client he works for will capture a better video. Our cinematographer, Kushagra Sinha, has worked with different clients. His works range from industrial cinematography to wedding videos and he has even worked on quite a lot of Instagram reels for many influencers. Be it an aesthetically pleasing video, documentation of your brand, a campaign or Insta reels, or even short films, Kushagra would be a great asset for any of these projects. During the pandemic, Kushagra worked vividly with drone cinematography for a lot of his professional and personal projects. He is a capable drone driver and a professional drone cinematographer, through which he can add an extra layer of depth to your videos. Kushagra, as a cinematographer, can communicate your ideas through digital cinematography and holds the power to push your ideas and vision across professionally and visually.

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