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High end retouching

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Any good photograph can be made great with the right retouching. Retouching is actually transforming any photograph into professional high resolution photographs. Whether it is fashion and portrait photography, pre-wedding or wedding photography, or any other type of photography; they all need retouching. Kushagra Sinha is a professional high end retoucher who offers his services in all types of retouching ranging from fashion, hair, and makeup retouching, high-res retouching to even high end products retouching. Different types of photographs need different types of retouching. High end retouching involves a lot of processes. A high end product retouching would involve color-grading, highlights, and shadows; while a fashion retouching would involve, color grading, skin, hair, and make-up retouching, or natural-looking retouching. Kushagra has worked on many different types of photography projects both personal and professional. He is apt in different kinds of retouching and knows how to bring out the right editorial qualities of the photograph without disrupting the original intention of the photograph. Not every professional retoucher is a great photographer, and not every professional photographer is a great retoucher, but Kushagra is both. Our photographer, Kushagra, knows the importance of the story behind any photograph and understands the importance of the right kind of retouching that compliments the intention of the photograph. You can bring out the professionalism and editorial quality of your photographs with the help of retouching, and we believe, our photographer, Kushagra Sinha is just the right retoucher for the job.

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