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10 things to care about while doing street photography

1. Start Local

When you are going to do street photography do not go to special places like hills, big markets, lakes and beaches. Go out and take pictures randomly without asking for their permission. When you go out of your house you can see a lot of random stuff, people emotions while working, or doing any activity just capture them.

2. Avoid drawing attention to yourself

Just a normal thing if you want to take candid photos you have to blend with the environment. Kind of invisible mode to take the best of your piece of work in street photography. Wear dark or neutral coloured clothing to minimize how much you stand out in a crowd. Try not to make eye contact with the subject this will ensure anyone that you are going to take his or her picture. Sometimes playing the role of tourist can provide a good disguise to shoot with abandon in well-known areas.

3. Watch the light

An important suggestion always to see the weather before going on to street photography. By taking a picture on a street, you are also telling a story so the lighting matters. A simple change in light from warm to cool or vice versa can change the entire mood and atmosphere of your images.

4. Get your camera setting sorted before you start

You can use aperture priority mode if you want. However, for suggestions do it in manual mode, it will help you to understand your camera and you can set ISO between 200 and 400.

5. Stick to one lens

While doing street photography you can use any lens but use a fairy wide-angle lens between 24mm and 50mm. When you use a 35mm wide-angle lens, it leads to close involvement with the subject and you can get a detailed image of the subject. If you are not comfortable going near the subject the then use a longer lens but after some days switch to a 50mm lens.

6. Walk everywhere

Chazz McBride is an artist and photographer based in New York, a city where almost everyone prefers to walk. He finds that slowing his pace increases his chances of capturing remarkable moments. “It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the busy streets,” he admits. “Take your time as you walk and look. There are so many opportunities that can be easily missed because you are moving too fast.”