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Pre Wedding Studio

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A wedding is one of the most auspicious moments of anybody’s life. They hold precious memories of not just you and your better half bonding together but also your families coming together. These beautiful memories should be photographed. Not just the wedding but the couple’s lives after saying yes to the marriage also should be beautifully photographed. Pre-wedding shoots are the perfect way to capture the moments leading to your astounding wedding. These candid pre-wedding shoots make the perfect wallpapers and picture frames that remind you of one of the most amazing memories of your life. Kushagra Sinha has been a part of many couples’ pre-wedding and wedding shoots and made their candid moments last a lifetime with his photographs. These pre-wedding shoots can be done anywhere depending upon the couple, but we also have a pre-wedding studio where we specialize in providing the right services that cater to the couple’s needs. Our photographer also has access to many locations which are specifically made for pre-wedding photoshoots in and around Bangalore. Kushagra has worked on many pre-wedding albums and knows perfectly how to encapsulate precious moments candidly without disrupting the couple’s moment. These are the memories that you can look back and smile at. When you look at your pre-wedding photographs, you would realize that the small moments you had with your better half which no one noticed; were candidly captured. Our photographer, Kushagra Sinha has a keen eye for details and moments; he can be the perfect choice to capture your journey from being two individuals to a family.

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